Crowdinvesting in Switzerland:
Investing in companies
simply and online.

CONDA crowdinvesting is your chance
to participate directly in the success of startups,
SMEs and real estate.

What is crowdinvesting and how does investment on a platform work?

Crowdinvesting is a form of crowdfunding in which individual investors (the "crowd") participate in the financing of companies and profit from high return potentials. As a private person, you can already invest money in projects with high growth potential without the need for large financial reserves (investment from 100 CHF).

Our crowdinvesting platform offers you free investments in startups, SMEs and real estate projects via our partner platforms.

What are the advantages of crowdinvesting for investors?

Crowdinvesting offers a number of advantages for private investors. These include:

  • Low investment amount (from CHF 100)
  • Diverse selection of projects and companies with different focal points
  • In the event of an exit, you benefit from possible capital gains
  • In many cases, additional yield through dividend payments that depend on the performance of the issuing company
  • Digitized investment process
  • Participation certificates grant exactly the same rights to dividends as shares
  • In some cases (shareholdings) you also get voting rights
  • High transparency on the part of the companies

What is CONDA's focus for crowdinvesting in Switzerland?

Our focus is the financing of startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). In cooperation with our partner real estate platforms, you can also invest in selected real estate projects (marked as "co-placement") on CONDA.

Whether startup, SME or real estate project - every investment model naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, we recommend that you diversify your portfolio - and thus your risk - as much as possible.

Crowdinvesting Startup

Crowdinvesting Startup

A young, innovative company that is growing. As an investor, you have a somewhat higher risk of default here - since the company is usually not yet established on the market. On the other hand, if the company is successful, the potential returns are higher.

  • Possible dividends
  • Possible capital gains

Crowdinvesting KMU

Crowdinvesting SME


SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are companies already established in the market with sales of up to approx. CHF 50 million/year.
An investment in an SME tends to be associated with fewer risks, which is why it also generates a lower return on investment.

  • Possible dividends
  • Possible capital gains

Crowdinvesting Immobilien

Crowdinvesting real estate


Real estate projects are either construction projects or existing properties.

Many real estate projects offer higher security due to their real estate assets and are therefore a good complement to startup investments.

  • Base interest rates from 4%
  • Term from 12 months

Your individual portfolio: Your investment strategy

Create your own investment portfolio starting with small amounts. You decide which industries you want to invest in, which companies you want to support financially and economically and how high your return should be. You know where your money is going and can contact the company at any time.

From a small startup with the idea to change the world to an already established medium-sized company with sales in the millions - with CONDA's crowdinvesting platform you have a wide range of interesting and promising investment opportunities.

We would be happy to clarify open questions about crowdinvesting with you personally. Arrange an appointment with us now - just send an email to

Your guide for your crowdinvesting

Do you need support in selecting crowdinvesting projects? We have compiled a guide to make it easier for you to personally evaluate the companies.

The most frequently asked questions about crowdinvesting from investors

Crowdinvesting in general

Crowdinvesting is an innovative method of raising capital for companies through the crowd: many people (the "crowd") invest smaller amounts in a company and receive either an interest payment, a (profit) share in the company or some other pre-agreed variant in return. focuses on equity investments (shares or participation certificates). With us, you can invest in promising companies for as little as CHF 100. With your investment you can profit from dividend payments or, in case of an exit, from capital gains. On the other hand, an equity participation means that the investor shares the financial risk of the company and thus also a risk of loss.

Crowdfunding (or swarm funding) is generally the umbrella term for raising money from the crowd, via a platform that acts as an intermediary.

In crowdfunding, we distinguish between:

  • reward-based crowdfunding: supporters fund a project and receive a product, the opportunity to pre-order a product under development, or other tangible or intangible consideration in return. This is the type we understand today as the "crowdfunding". An internationally known crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter, for example.
  • donation-based crowdfunding: this is classic giving. Many people give small amounts to a company and do not expect anything in return.
  • Equity-based crowdfunding is a type of crowdinvesting. Since the backers here ideally receive a monetary consideration, namely a share in the company, we speak of crowdinvesting.
  • lending-based crowdfunding is also crowdinvesting. Investors lend money to a company and receive at least fixed interest in return. Bonus interest, participation in the value of the company, and bonuses are also services that investors receive in return.

Your investment gives you a stake in the company. This allows you to profit from dividend payments or, in the case of an exit, from capital gains. In some cases (shareholdings) you also receive voting rights.

In addition, investors in certain companies receive bonuses, such as perks, goodies, special permits, etc., from the respective company. These are described on the project page, if applicable.

On the other hand, an equity investment means that the investor shares the financial risk of the company and thus also a risk of loss.

  • Lending-based crowdinvesting (or crowdlending) refers to the raising of outside capital from crowdinvestors, usually through a loan. Here, crowdinvestors primarily benefit from the interest they receive on their invested capital and get the loan amount back at the end of the term. Issuing bond notes is another possible model to offer debt participation. A risk of loss in crowdlending exists primarily in the event of possible insolvency of the company.
  • Equity-based crowdinvesting means that crowdinvestors provide equity to the company. They thus become shareholders in the company and can thus generate both profits and losses. Crowdinvestors can also benefit from dividend payments, if applicable. focuses on equity-based crowdinvesting, i.e. equity investments (shares or participation certificates).

In some cases, companies on opt for participation certificates (PS). These are non-voting shares, but are equal to shares in terms of yield and other conditions.

As an investor, you have information rights about the status of the company. After your investment, you will receive regular updates and success reports via the platform by email. Through the participation, you as an investor have no say but also no further obligations.

The funding threshold defines the amount above which the investment model is implemented. If the funding threshold is not reached within the subscription period, the entire subscription amount is transferred back to the investors. In this case, there are no costs for the investors.

The funding limit defines the maximum subscription amount. If this is reached, the project is closed for subscription.

The funding threshold is the minimum amount that must be reached for the investment to materialize. It is based on the company's capital requirements. The funding limit is the maximum amount that can be invested by all investors together.

Crowdinvesting via CONDA is an alternative investment opportunity in innovative companies. You participate in the success of the company and can profit from increases in the value of the company, even at a very early stage. And that already from an investment amount of CHF 100.

In addition, you can actively shape the products and services of the companies and thus the projects of the future through your feedback. Your risk is limited to the amount invested, there is no obligation to make additional contributions.

CONDA & Platform

Our platform is set up according to the latest state of the art. All security devices are regularly checked and maintained. Data security is of course a major issue, which is why we also attach particular importance to data protection.
You can also find all the details in our privacy policy.

To change your data, click on your name and select "Account overview". You will now see your profile data as well as your investments and your investor portfolio. By clicking on the pencil symbols, you can now change your data and confirm them by clicking on the "Save" button.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to make investments on CONDA Switzerland, you must identify yourself. To do so, please upload a valid and legible copy of your identity document (e.g. passport) under "Verification".

At CONDA Switzerland, any private individual over 18 years of age can invest, subject to KYC conditions (see: "What is KYC?"). Companies can also invest with us, see "Is it possible to invest as a company?

Investments for persons who do not have full legal capacity (persons under 18 years of age) can be made through legal representatives. In this case, please also contact us.

CONDA Switzerland presents innovative, profit-oriented companies whose products or services already represent potential added value for the crowd investors themselves.

CONDA Switzerland focuses on high-quality regional companies. The offer is designed for all sectors, all technologies and all concepts (start-ups, franchises, investments), which allows each investor to spread the risks.

We work together with our colleagues in Austria and Germany to offer attractive investment opportunities throughout the DACH region as well. We also list selected projects from so-called whitelabelling platforms that were created with CONDA's support. These use our platform technology to finance projects themselves via crowdinvesting (example:

Some of these projects are also published on CONDA Switzerland, but are always marked with the label "Co-Placement". This ensures that our investors have full transparency and can see at a glance who is behind the respective project. When investing in a co-placement project, the investor is redirected to the respective partner site, has to register there and invests according to the conditions listed there. Of course, we are always available to our investors for questions about co-placed projects, or for help with investments on our partner platforms!

If the platform should ever cease to exist, all information is transferred to the company. Investment contracts are valid regardless of the continued existence of CONDA Switzerland, as they are concluded directly between the investor and the company.

The use of CONDA Switzerland and our services is free of charge for investors.

Invest & Investment Process

We work with Lemonway as a payment service provider. They manage the wallets for and for our investors and issuers (the company you invest in). Lemonway works with CIC Bank in Basel as custodian bank. The transfer is therefore not made to a foreign account, even though Lemonway is based in Paris as the official account holder. However, CIC Bank specifies that Lemonway is listed as the account holder for these transactions. Once the campaign is completed, the invested amounts are transferred from the Lemonway account to the capital deposit account from the issuer.
Investments are already possible from CHF 100. The upper limit is defined in each case from the personal financial situation or from the open amount per project.
As an investor you have to pay the investment by bank transfer (IBAN and BIC) to the project account. Soon we will also enable payment by credit card. CONDA Switzerland does not charge any service fees for the bank transfer. Any bank charges and fees (e.g. fees of your house bank) are to be paid by you ("at the expense of the client").

In any case, after reaching the funding threshold, the crowdinvesting campaign is successful. From this point on, the company can accept the investments already made (and paid for) and the capital is handed over to the company. In most cases, however, this happens only after the campaign has been completed.

CONDA maintains an investor register of all investors who have invested in the respective company during the campaign aud and transfers this information to the company during or at the end of the campaign.

For the transactions related to the investments, works with the payment service provider Lemonway. Therefore, the capital is not managed by, but by the payment service provider or, after the campaign is completed, by the respective company that raised the capital. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.

By publishing your name, you can show your support for the company and show that you believe in the project.

We are required by law to verify the identity of investors.

Your personal data and a copy of your ID or passport are therefore required to comply with legal requirements and to clearly identify all crowdinvestors.

Yes, companies can also invest directly in crowdinvesting projects with us. For this, only some additional information is necessary, which you can best provide us with by sending an email to See the question "What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?". Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Due to legal requirements for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, we are obliged to identify all investors - regardless of the amount invested.
For private customers, we require a copy of an official photo ID for this purpose:

  • Passport (including machine-readable section) or
  • Identity card (front and back).

If invested as a company, the requirements are higher. Here, the law provides that reasonable measures are taken to understand the ownership and control structure of the client and the legal entity's current existence, name, legal form, power of representation and registered office must be verified in any case. To prove this, the following documents are necessary:

  • Certified extract from the Commercial Register,
  • A valid copy of identification (passport, identity card, of which both sides) of the managing director,
  • A valid copy of identification (passport, identity card, of which both sides) for each final beneficiary who owns at least 25% of the company shares,
  • Share register (stock corporations only)

All documents can be provided to us as electronic copies.

Simply select the project you would like to invest in and click on the "INVEST" button. In order to invest on CONDA Switzerland, you must be registered and logged in to the platform. If you are already registered, then click on "LOGIN".

If you are not registered yet, you can do so now.

Start of the investment process in 4 steps:

Investment amount

  • Enter your desired investment amount in the field provided and confirm your entry by clicking the green "Invest" button. You can also select your investment amount via the additional rewards section (the fields below), if it is offered.

Information Investor

  • You will now see your personal data. If you do not want to invest as a natural person, but with your company, click now on the "As a company" button.

Contracts and confirmation

  • You will now see an overview of your investment as well as all contract data for download. We will also send you these by e-mail for your filing. "My name may be displayed publicly for investments" - if you prefer to invest anonymously, then please remove the check mark here now. Now you only have to confirm that you have taken note of all the risks and click on the green button "Confirm investment".


  • Your investment is now completed and you will see the bank details to which you can transfer your investment amount, or you will get the option to pay by credit card. Of course, you will receive all the information again by e-mail and we will remind you if you forget to transfer the money.

This is up to the respective company, which is the subject of the investment. In most cases, no physical certificates are issued, but the shares / participation certificates are managed by the board of directors of the respective company in its share register.

The form in which the shares are issued is up to the issuing company. Book-entry securities (or "bankable shares") are only offered in exceptional cases, and if so, only at the request of the investor. A securities account to hold the shares is therefore not required for the normal investor at

Law & Tax

As an investor you have information rights about the status of the company. After your investment, you will receive regular updates and success reports via the platform and/or by email. Through the participation, you as an investor generally have the rights according to the respective investment contract or the shareholder agreement/shareholder agreement of the company.

The tax implications depend on the current legal status and may vary from investor to investor. Please note that we are therefore unable to provide individual information on the subject of taxes.

If necessary, please consult a tax advisor to clarify what applies to your personal situation.