Anavon offers ski building workshops for future owners ⛷️

The premium ski manufacturer Anavon from Disentis, which is currently running a crowd-investing campaign on, enables future owners to build their own skis. The 1 or 2-day ski building workshops are an opportunity for Anavon to increase brand loyalty and give the owner a unique chance to gain an insight into a complex craft.

The motto of the workshop is: “Experience the secrets of ski building”. The 2-day workshop is organised in such a way that you first test which Anavon ski model suits you on the piste. Then there is instruction on how to build the skis. The next day the skis are built, and you get an insight into these secrets. Of course, material including bindings and use of tools are included in the price. An overnight stay with lunch and dinner and a day ski pass are also included.

If you are interested in the company and would like to become a co-owner, take a look at the campaign page: ➡️