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  • Are you looking for equity or near-equity financing for your start-up and would like to
    would like to implement a sustainable marketing campaign at the same time?
  • Is your business model economically attractive - also for investors?
  • Is your company a public limited company?
  • Are your financing needs greater than CHF 100,000?
  • Do you have a motivated team and sufficient resources to implement the crowdinvesting campaign with us?
  • Is the company already operational and does it already have a turnover?
  • Is your company based in Switzerland?
  • Is the company model geared towards profit and growth (no NPO, associations,
  • Are there a business plan and a financial plan (P&L, cash flow, budgeted balance sheet, 3 years)?
  • Are all significant assets (patents, trademarks, etc.) held by the company?
  • The company is not active in any of the following industries: Esotericism, pornography, prostitution, gambling.

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