PayGreen: Carbon pricing for payment transactions 🌲🌳

PayGreen’s crowdinvesting campaign is currently running on The company is developing an online payment solution that incentivises companies that use this payment solution to reduce their carbon footprint.

PayGreen has recognised through a simulation by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that carbon pricing has the greatest impact on reducing climate change. This could prevent global warming of 0.9° Celsius by 2100. For comparison: if nothing changes from today, the earth will be 3.3° Celsius warmer in 2100 than it is today. With carbon pricing, it would be 2.4°.

PayGreen sees itself as a player in carbon pricing and wants to save 1 million tonnes of CO2 by 2028.

You can find the campaign on our website and can also invest in PayGreen right away: ➡️