PayGreen with a clear development strategy 🧑‍💻

PayGreen’s crowdinvesting campaign on is in full swing, and you have the chance to invest in this innovative company that is developing a payment solution with a CO₂ reduction incentive for companies.

PayGreen has a clear strategy: in 2023, PayGreen achieved its targets and successfully completed the market proof. Both online shops and consumers showed keen interest in PayGreen. This was achieved with a prepayment solution and the WooCommerce market.

This early positive sign led to PayGreen’s technical development team tackling a new invoice solution and the Shopify market earlier than planned. Both solutions were extensively tested in Q4 2023 and are to be implemented across the board in 2024.

The new solutions simplify processing and add value for online shops and consumers. At the same time, PayGreen is reaching an additional target market with larger online shops and achieving higher shares of all online shop transactions for 2024.

You can find all the information and the investment opportunity at ➡️