What you need to know about successful crowdinvesting campaigns

Today we’d like to talk about what makes a crowdinvesting campaign successful.

Absolutely all successful crowdinvesting campaigns have these five points in common:

1️⃣ The strong project

Does your project pick up the crowd? Does it appeal to many people? Is it unique, innovative, special?

2️⃣ Right (marketing) setting

Is your marketing material ready (logo, images, texts, website…)? Are you already active in social media with your project? Do you have a broad professional and private network that you could activate? Do you diligently send out newsletters? If you have already been in the press and can use all these channels to promote your crowdinvesting campaign – then perfect!

3️⃣ The right platform

The focus of the platform must fit your project. And of course the chemistry must be right.

4️⃣ Realistic goals

How much money do you want to raise and what do you need it for? Do you have your numbers under control and a robust financial plan at hand?

5️⃣ Be authentic

You are the face of your project. Investors want to become a part of your company with their investment. Show yourself as you are and convey the values that are important to you and your project. This way you will attract the right investors.

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