Real Estate Crowdinvesting at CONDA

Crowdinvesting in real estate is a subform of crowdinvesting. With CONDA's crowdinvesting platform, real estate developers can raise capital for financing their existing properties, real estate projects or land. Real estate investment via the crowd is a lucrative form of investment, as currently classic forms of investment are losing their appeal due to low interest rates.

Advantages of real estate crowdinvesting for entrepreneurs

Subordinated crowdfunding for real estate is the perfect complement to equity. It provides additional security for the bank and increases the flexibility of the financing structure. In this way, missing capital can be raised through a crowdinvesting campaign, thus securing the overall financing of the real estate project. If financing for the real estate already exists, the crowd capital can replace parts of the equity. This frees up budget funds for further projects.

Besides the quick financing of the real estate, crowdinvesting has another significant advantage. The alternative financing also serves as a marketing campaign of your real estate project. Through crowdinvesting, many people learn about real estate projects. Thus, the digital financing receives high media attention, the number of interested parties increases rapidly and you accelerate the project execution!

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