Once the foundation of your startup is complete, sooner or later the question of further financing must be asked. Sufficient liquidity is essential for the future development of your startup. Because once a critical phase has been reached, suitable financing is often the deciding factor in whether a startup stands or falls.

Subordinated crowdfunding through CONDA.ch Crowdinvesting can be the perfect complement. Existing financing, such as from a bank or a business angel, can be supplemented in this way, or even made possible in the first place. We at CONDA have already been able to make this happen for numerous startups from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Advantages of CONDA Crowdinvesting for your startup financing

Investing in startups has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is not only large investors who are enthusiastic about investing in your startup. Small investors in particular also want to profit from the great potential of startups. Winning them over is often a challenge due to the risk involved in investing in a startup.

This is exactly where we at CONDA come in and offer optimal conditions with our crowdinvesting platform to bring startups and small investors together. Thanks to CONDA, the step towards startup investment becomes very easy for investors, while founders like you benefit from an uncomplicated generation of equity.

You can also expect numerous additional benefits with a CONDA crowdinvesting campaign:

  • Marketing effects: Great attention, high reach and customer loyalty.
  • Build a customer base: Build your customer base at an early stage and create your first loyal customers and brand ambassadors.
  • Strong investors: Your investors will do everything they can to support you, as they are naturally interested in making their startup investment successful.
  • Versatile: Crowdinvesting financing is ideally suited for startups with innovative products and services, both in the B2C and B2B segments.

The CONDA participation model for startups


Possible dividends


Possible capital gains on exit

As part of our CONDA investment model, crowd investors provide the company with capital in the form of equity. In this way, they also participate in the entrepreneurial risk within the scope of their contribution. In return, your company undertakes to pay out dividends if your company performs particularly well.

The issue of participation certificates confers on the investor the right to a dividend, but no rights of co-determination or decision-making. In the case of the issue of equity participation certificates, the investor is given the right to vote. On the other hand, participation in equity means that the investor shares the financial risk of the company and thus also a risk of loss.

Depending on the needs of the company, a loan of up to one million is an alternative to a capital increase. In this case, the crowdinvestors do not become shareholders in the company and have no say or decision-making rights. The base and bonus interest rates, as well as interest payment and redemption dates, are determined on the basis of various key company figures and represent your individual offer to the crowdinvestors. You can find more detailed conditions for the payment of the base interest rate and the bonus component in the sample of our subordinated loan contract.

Crowdinvesting Quick Check

Use the questions to find out if your startup is suitable for crowdfunding.

  • Are you looking for equity or mezzanine funding financing for your start-up and would like to implement a sustainable marketing campaign at the same time?
  • Is your business model economically attractive - also for investors?
  • Is your company a limited company (AG)?
  • Are your financing needs greater than CHF 100’000?
  • Do you have a motivated team and sufficient resources to implement the crowdinvesting campaign?
  • Is the company already operational and does it already have a turnover?
  • Is your company based and headquartered in Switzerland?
  • Is your company profit oriented (no NPO, associations etc.)?
  • Is a business plan and a financial plan (P&L, cash flow, budgeted balance sheet, 3 years) available?
  • Are all significant assets (patents, trademarks, etc.) held by the company?
  • The company is not active in any of the following industries: Esotericism, armaments and weapons industry, pornography, prostitution, gambling.

Still have questions about crowdinvesting?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If your question is not listed, please contact us by e-mail to sales@conda.ch.
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