What sales channels does RRREVOLVE have? 🏪

RREVOLVE’s crowdinvesting campaign is still running on conda.ch for just under 2 weeks. The sustainable fashion company is looking for investors for its expansion in the fair clothing market.

What sales channels has the company established? RRREVOLVE AG is a retailer of sustainable products, primarily clothing, shoes and accessories, but also home textiles, household items and gifts. As an omni-channel retailer, RREVOLVE operates the online shop rrrevolve.ch as well as three shops in Zurich and Bern and two second-season shops in Basel and Winterthur.

The company is therefore well positioned for the future and can continue to establish itself in the market with your investment.

You can find information about the campaign and the investment function on our website: ➡️ conda.ch/rrrevolve